This week has been a super busy week for me and I’ve come home every day wiped out. I’ve been making huge progress on the PS Plugin and I’m glad to say the features I need are all done. The only thing left at this moment is to figure out why the plugin crashes multisite for WordPress. It also seems that I’ve chosen to stay in the web development side of programming for the time being. The environment and the technology is great and I hope I can learn many things. I just need to accept that I might not get to take on systems level programming for the time being. This project’s been a huge learning experience for me, especially in PHP and WordPress’s APIs. I feel confident about the many working of both, but there’s so much more to learn. I’m not sure where I would proceed from here, once this project is done, but I’ll probably find something that needs to be done that I can take on.
I also learned how to swim from someone very special to me, so thank you!!! It’s a super exhilarating experience, swimming across a pool thats deeper than your are tall, but I was able to convincingly swim across it without a problem. Huge landmark if I do say so myself.