Jira NFS mounted home directory

I was having a strange error with my Atlassian Jira installation with the jira.home mounted on a nfs:
“Unable to create and acquire lock file for jira.home director /my/jira/home/directory”
It was strange because I had it working on a different server which also had a jira.home mounted on a nfs. Both of my machines run Red Hat 7.3 and have Java 1.8
The permissions for both of the home directories were the same, so I figured it had to do with something that was different from each of the machines, perhaps a service?

I looked through the RHEL solutions pages and found this:

For those who can’t read it, you have to make sure the nfslock service is started and running properly:
service nfslock start/restart
chkconfig nfslock on #to start it on boot

Once I ran those, my error disappeared!

This was a fun problem to solve.

ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system

I tried connecting to an Oracle DB today to run a recovery, but I came across this message:
Connected to an idle instance.
upon logging in. I tried to run SQL> startup but to no avail.
I got the following output:
ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system

Thankfully I had my Oracle logs open in another window (tail -f alert.log)and I saw the issue.
Starting ORACLE instance (normal)
WARNING: You are trying to use the MEMORY_TARGET feature. This feature requires the /dev/shm file system to be mounted for at least 21474836480 bytes. /dev/shm is either not mounted or is mounted with available space less than this size. Please fix this so that MEMORY_TARGET can work as expected. Current available is 21468090368 and used is 6746112 bytes. Ensure that the mount point is /dev/shm for this directory.

Essentially, my /dev/shm file system was too small for Oracle to use and Oracle is asking me to bump up the space I give it. Doing a df -h showed me a little more details:
tmpfs 20G 6.5M 20G 1% /dev/shm
I would have to unmount and then remount with a little more space so that Oracle quits complaining.
umount tmpfs
mount -t tmpfs shmfs -o size=25g /dev/shm
Once I did that, I logged back into Oracle and was able to start up my database properly.
sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> startup
ORACLE instance started.
Total System Global Area 2.1379E+10 bytes
Fixed Size 2262656 bytes
Variable Size 1.4026E+10 bytes
Database Buffers 7314866176 bytes
Redo Buffers 36073472 bytes
Database mounted.
Database opened.

Secret Life of…

Watched Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty for the first time.

Both movies spoke deeply to me, mostly because I relate to Walter and to Joel. There’s so much life to be lived in the world, only if you grab it by the horns.

I’ve been wanting to vlog my days as a memento to myself. I’ve decided to go through with it.

One Year Gap

It’s been over a year since I last posted and SO much has changed.
I’m working full time at the same place I’ve interned at for over a year,
I’m working on side projects my friends and I started,
I’ve met many new, amazing people and reconnected with old friends,
I’ve started my own cooking blog,
I’ve built a new computer with FOUR monitors, still playing League of Legends and started playing Overwatch,
I’m going to start a new volunteer gig tutoring kids in SAT Math,
I’ve started running a lot more, completed a couple 5Ks and an obstacle course

Super Busy

This week has been a super busy week for me and I’ve come home every day wiped out. I’ve been making huge progress on the PS Plugin and I’m glad to say the features I need are all done. The only thing left at this moment is to figure out why the plugin crashes multisite for WordPress. It also seems that I’ve chosen to stay in the web development side of programming for the time being. The environment and the technology is great and I hope I can learn many things. I just need to accept that I might not get to take on systems level programming for the time being. This project’s been a huge learning experience for me, especially in PHP and WordPress’s APIs. I feel confident about the many working of both, but there’s so much more to learn. I’m not sure where I would proceed from here, once this project is done, but I’ll probably find something that needs to be done that I can take on.
I also learned how to swim from someone very special to me, so thank you!!! It’s a super exhilarating experience, swimming across a pool thats deeper than your are tall, but I was able to convincingly swim across it without a problem. Huge landmark if I do say so myself.


I finished up WP theme development on Lynda and I’m coming close to creating a working alpha for the PS plugin. It feels great almost being done with this project and I can’t wait to release it.

I also got a gym membership through NYC Parks Department. The recreational centers are pretty good and for a price of 25$ a year, there’s no debate. Time to get healthy!

Next up is WP plugin development for some more reinforcement.


I made some solid progress on the PS Plugin today! It’s not that many lines, but figuring out how WP works is very satisfying. I took time to learn more about the WP Plugin API and experimenting with Sublime Text 3. There are so many addons that do cool things that I didn’t think I needed. ┬áStart here ( and you’re golden!



I don’t really drink coffee and I don’t really want to. 99% of my friends drink coffee either for stimulation or just to stay awake. I don’t want to become dependent on a money sink! Also I enjoy the reactions I get when I tell people I don’t drink coffee at all.

I started reading posts on Hacker News (http:// and I’m learning quite a bit about the developer culture and some names I should know. I’m going to take a small break from my Lynda spree since I’m burning out for a bit.

Early Start

I’m trying this new thing where I don’t fall back asleep when I wake up at 5am. I still feel groggy and a little disoriented, but I’ll see how this affects the rest of my day (only 30 minutes into consciousness). I spend the last day shoving WP theme development into my head and I’ll continue the coming days, but I’m also looking into Java Spring tutorials. I don’t quite understand the purpose of J2EE or Spring, but hopefully I’ll get a grasp on it.


I spent the past couple of days with people I haven’t been with in a long time, my high school friends. After 4+ years, we’re all pretty much still the same people, except we all have jobs or are looking for jobs. I’ve learned that you can’t neglect the people who will remember you years after you haven’t talked or seen them. These guys are really great people.

I finished the WP basic tutorial which really wasn’t too much I didn’t know. I also started and finished creating WP themes with Sass and Grunt, which I believe ties in with some of the work I do at PS. Grunt looks like a really amazing tool that I’d like to know more about. Now I’m starting how to make WP themes with Underscores. Keep up the good pace!