I was having a strange error with my Atlassian Jira installation with the jira.home mounted on a nfs:
“Unable to create and acquire lock file for jira.home director /my/jira/home/directory”
It was strange because I had it working on a different server which also had a jira.home mounted on a nfs. Both of my machines run Red Hat 7.3 and have Java 1.8
The permissions for both of the home directories were the same, so I figured it had to do with something that was different from each of the machines, perhaps a service?

I looked through the RHEL solutions pages and found this: https://access.redhat.com/solutions/43001

For those who can’t read it, you have to make sure the nfslock service is started and running properly:
service nfslock start/restart
chkconfig nfslock on #to start it on boot

Once I ran those, my error disappeared!

This was a fun problem to solve.